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When she tries to gain Nick's attention, Bo cuts off the tip of Carly's finger, but she manages to tear her glued lips apart and screams for help. From inside the ambulance, Carly sees Lester supposedly the third brother with the Sinclair dog, waving them goodbye as the van leaves the town. The next morning, Wade discovers that his car's fan belt is broken. The pair is reportedly parents to a baby girl born via surrogate. She runs to the church for help but finds out that it is populated only by wax sculptures. The set where the fire broke out has now been demolished and is a field kept for Movie World for future projects. Outside, Carly realizes Bo is the one who visited them the night before, after noticing his car's broken headlight.

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Bo captures Carly and brings her to the cellar of the gas station, where she is restrained, with her lips glued shut. The Prodigy featuring Juliette Lewis. The next morning, Wade discovers that his car's fan belt is broken. Many have chosen this option of adoption, including many celebrities. Inside, Wade is knocked out by Bo's twin brother, Vincent, who is wearing a wax mask to cover his disfigured face, since they were conjoined, with Vincent's face attached to the back of Bo's head and separated as children.

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