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The patients' charts made no mention of extra nutrition. Kate would later tell investigators from the Broward Sheriff's Office that she had been physically restrained 14 times, "and in each instance she was administered medicine chemical restraint in which she became 'loopy. At 10, her father died of an aneurysm. Broward Sheriff and SFBHN reports only offer "suggestions" — that Citrus "reconsider" using the prone position, try less-restrictive techniques before reaching for the needle, and keep better track of restraint. The other report noted that over two days in Junejust two staff members initiated 21 ETOs. I felt pain and wanted to come from my vagina I began touching him.

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I tried turning over but she rolled me back over and sat on me and kept blowing me.

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One grandmother of a CATS patient told New Times that the staff told her that her granddaughter had been injected with Haldol, an antipsychotic, to calm her. I was beaten for a while. He was still on level A. Then, a few days after Kate's knockout was filling the top slot on the evening news, a Citrus resident died. Long story short, she ended up sodomizing me with her vibrator. Worse, residents claim they were regularly tied face-down to beds with four-point restraints and shot up with a mysterious chemical sedative they took to calling "booty juice. She just kept saying I liked it and I was afraid to grab her to hard or push her too hard.

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