Facial fracture causing loss of smell

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Substantial force is required to fracture the frontal bone, so often other injuries to the face and skull or neurological trauma may be present. There was no abscess formation or saddle nose deformity. Muscles required for chewing, swallowing and talking are attached to these bones. Posttraumatic olfactory dysfunction is a recognizable concern in these patients [ 111213141516171819 ]. The aim of this study is to analyze the nasal fracture and associated olfactory dysfunction retrospectively. Open reduction was not performed in any of the patients. Type III fracture is the fractures of nasal bones and frontal process of maxilla.

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The most frequent findings were nasal deviation

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Loss of Smell

The nasal bone is comprised of two thin bones. The fracture is mostly likely to occur in the middle of the forehead. Is a facial fracture a serious problem? Results There were 35 men and 7 women. Second, closed reduction of these fractures does not lead to improvements olfaction at 6 months, which suggest that olfactory dysfunction is probably due to factors other than the fracture itself. Clinical Performance and Quality Health Care ;8 2: All interventions were performed under local anesthesia.

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facial fracture causing loss of smell
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facial fracture causing loss of smell
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