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As the creative bar is raised more every day, starting a new account without promotional help will result in having to spend ages trying to build a community from scratch. Sorry Max from CatfishI'm just not that into you. While its great for photographers because it's about showing images and video, don't forget that! It also asks for a "full name" instead of a username. Though that is not clearly stated. Instagram is simply another social media platform. If you look at successful Instagram profiles.

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But the then I got lazy and started to use automation, at the same time I started a new job that kept me too busy to post consistently and my engagement sank.

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Your Airbnb Photos Suck…

If the evening scene is relevant, make sure to include shots at night as well. In addition to its sluggish and buggy nature, the layout is just confusing. View this post on Instagram. Obviously, for some this is their livelihood. Thank you for your thoughts on pictures. So I guess it works.

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you suck at the internet picture
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